Eat to Live

A Better Built Cinnamon Roll

One thing I’ve not totally given up since we’ve transitioned to a plant-based diet is my sweet tooth.  All of my life I’ve just loved sweet foods, especially the real junk foods, like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish,  and Good and Plentys.  Over time, as my tastes have changed from eating a much more healthy… Continue reading A Better Built Cinnamon Roll

Eat to Live · Things I've Learned

How to Make Use of an Under Ripe Melon

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my gardening experiences, this year, it’s that I’m a horrible judge of melon ripeness.   I’ve scoured the internet for sources, talked with other gardeners, and tried every one of their tricks to help me determine when the best time is to pick a melon, but with not much… Continue reading How to Make Use of an Under Ripe Melon

From Harvest To Plate

Strawberry Jam That’s Made With…Tomatoes?

What’s the question I’m getting asked by people, all the time, these days?  “What are you canning?” …”canning?” I reply. “Uhhh…I don’t really can.” I know, it’s a shock.  I guess, when you grow as much food as I do people just assume that you know how and are an expert when it comes to… Continue reading Strawberry Jam That’s Made With…Tomatoes?