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Gardening For The Taste of It

Why do I garden? To be sure, I do it because I want to be able to supply my family with the freshest, most sustainably and naturally grown food that I can buy.  I also do it because I love to get outdoors and dig in the dirt; it’s a great way to exercise, be… Continue reading Gardening For The Taste of It

Gardening Journal

My Top Three Food Choices for the Fall/Winter Garden

It’s something I’ve been hearing a lot of, lately, “I didn’t get a garden planted this year.” “Well”, I say, “the year’s not over yet!” In fact, the end of summer is a great time to get a fall/winter garden started. There are a variety of  crops that do well as fall and winter crops… Continue reading My Top Three Food Choices for the Fall/Winter Garden

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September Planting Guide

Summer’s nearly over and most Central Valley home gardens are starting to look at little tired, but, due to our wonderfully, long growing season, there are a lot of great veggies that can still be grown at this time of year here!  September is the perfect month for starting the following vegetables from seed: Asian… Continue reading September Planting Guide