Birds, Bugs, and Ants Give The Blue Ribbon To…

Pineapple … my all-time favorite variety of tomato.  Apparently they are all the rave in the bird, bug,  and ant world around our homestead, too!  Usually I get to keep one out of every three or four that they begin devouring — first the birds, then the ants and other bugs.   So, it was a treat for me, today, to find this many untouched.

The key to my being able to enjoy these beauties, I now realize, is to pick them early, while there’s still a little green on them.  Letting them get ripe on the vine is a sure-fire invitation for disaster!

As a diversionary tactic, I left two of the huge, ripe, honey-colored tomatoes on the ground — as long as the ants, birds, and other bugs are feasting on them, I’m hoping they won’t pay attention to the other golden-striped gems ripening above them.  With their little bodies, it should take them days to eat all the way through the scrumptious fruit, all the while buying me more time to harvest and enjoy eating my choicest  tomatoes.

I don’t mind sharing the fruits of my labor with the little creatures —  I’m sure they’re paying me back by eating other unwanted pests, and tilling, fertilizing, and enriching the soil.  And, with the bounty of other crops that I’ve got growing, I really shouldn’t miss a few of them here and there.

It’s fun to know that when it comes to taste in tomatoes I’m not alone in choice of a favorite:  pineapple gets the blue ribbon here, as decided by the most distinguished panel of bird, bug, and ant judges on our homestead.