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In November, 2010,  my husband and I purchased 2.8 acres of land in Visalia, California.  This is my journey to learn how to become a little more self-sufficient every day, and make our new country homestead into a beautiful, welcoming place for animals, visitors, family, and friends.

We call our place “Whit’s Acres” and you can usually find me somewhere out on the property, working on an on-going project (or two, or three, or more), doing what we like to call “reclaiming” the land – taking a long-neglected, overgrown, weed-infested, country lot, and turning it, little by little, into My Happy Homestead.

Out here, I am constantly striving to educate myself in what I like to call “beyond organic” farming practices, implementing methods that work to build the soil, conserve water, attract pollinators, and work with nature to produce pesticide, herbicide-free heirloom, organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs for my own family and others who are looking for ways to naturally grow their own food for their families.




4 thoughts on “What it’s all about

  1. I read that you grow lemongrass. I just started to grow some myself.
    How’s it growing? How much of it are you growing? What are you using it for?

    • I do grow it. It does well until the frost hits, then it dies off. I’ve started some new seedlings this year. I grow it in containers and have several. I use it dried, as a tisane, and I infuse it in oil to use in lip balm, and hard lotions.

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