Chickens and Eggs

eggs and herbs

The first animals we decided to keep on our homestead were chickens — Rhode Island Reds.    We figured they’d be the easiest animal to start with and, boy, were we right!  Other than making sure they have access to clean, fresh water, grass and grains during the day, making sure that they are penned up, secure in their coop at night, and cleaning out their coop on a monthly basis, we’ve found that they virtually take care of themselves.      In fact, I think they are even easier than taking care of a dog or a cat!  And, unlike a cat or dog, these pets (yes, they are our pets) provide us with fresh, brown eggs 365 days a year.

We now have over 40 chickens, including two roosters!  We feed them our own custom mix of seeds and grains, fresh greens, and kitchen scraps.  They spend each day roaming around in the fresh air and sunshine, scratching for bugs and insects, bathing in the dirt, and thoroughly enjoying their “chicken-ness”.

Eggs are available for purchase:  $5/dozen.

If you live in or near Visalia, California, you can schedule a time for pick-up by calling (559)367-4982.


4 thoughts on “Chickens and Eggs

  1. We love our new hens (3) they are fun to watch, our son (age 5) loves to build mini fort/jails and “arrest” them. They have an arrest record thats longer than our driveway.
    Arrested for pooping on patio, on chairs, on table (yuck, we cleaned that up asap) eating my sprouting veggies, digging dust bath wholes in the yard….. the list goes on!
    Today our son Blake a screaming fire engine siren (5 yr old) arrested his own chicken for digging up my marigolds. Blake scolds her “bad chicken” then locks them up, a kids built fort like jail. The “jail” is full service providing food, water, air and many excape whole…. When we have a jail break the game starts over … fix the whole grab hens….. they go squacking back to jail…. Its preaty funny to watch. Ann

    • That is so cute, Ann! You have definitely keyed in on one of the joys of keeping chickens — they are really fun to watch! I love the creative play your kids engage in with them. What memories are being created and relationships are being built. Very sweet.

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