The World at Peace – In My Garden

Is world peace just a pipe dream?  It may seem like it is in every corner of the globe… except where there’s a garden.

Because of seed companies, like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, where owners, Jere and Emilee Gettle travel the world, collecting seeds from over 70 countries, and offering “the most diverse collection of edibles on the planet”, a garden is the one place on earth where world peace can not only exist, but thrive!

In my garden, lettuce and cucumbers from Israel…

cucumber tunnel

happily share precious soil with watermelons from Iraq.

sugar baby watermelon

Eggplant from Italy and Asia…

rosa bianca

pe tsai

proudly co-mingle with tomatoes from Greece and the good ol’ US of A.

tomato harvest

pineapple tomatoes

Squash and melons from France…

Ronde De Nice Squash

charentais melon

are content to co-habitate with kale that hails from Portugal,

portugeuse kale

and broccoli that has roots in Italy.

Green Macereta Cauliflower

Ethnicity, religious, political, and world viewpoints don’t matter in a garden.  Border encroachments are readily forgiven, and jockeying for positions of great power and wealth are absolutely unheard of .

A garden is  such a happy, beautiful, and peaceful place.  Yes, “There is peace in the garden.  Peace and results”, says Ruth Stout.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world was at peace

 just as it is

in my garden?


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