Christmas is Growing All Around Our Happy Homestead

As I took a walk, outside,  this morning, my eyes were drawn to a little, ornamental strawberry plant growing by the walkway in one of my front yard gardens…

ornamental strawberry

The pretty color of the  little, red berry that was on it reminded me that we are nearing Christmas.

 I ran inside the house, grabbed my camera, and started searching for more Christmas-colored plants around our homestead.

I’m not a big fan of red in the garden, so I wasn’t sure how many Christmas-ey plants I was going to find.

However,  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually quite a few Christmas-colored beauties growing around our homestead!

So, come, take a walk with me, and explore the colors of the season in my gardens.


First, there’s the Liriope…


A friend, who gave it to me, said it would be the perfect plant to have blooming in the garden at Christmas time.  She was absolutely right.  It’s Christmas-y colors are wonderful!

Next, there’s this sweet, little geranium…

red gardenia

  This was given to me by an older woman at our church when we first moved onto our property.  Not only is it a fine specimen of the Christmas colors, but it is the perfect representive, at our homestead, of what the Christmas season is all about…giving!

Just around the corner from that geranium is this beautiful, deep, red rose…

red rose

  It reminds me why red is one of the main colors of the Christmas season –  red represents Christ’s blood, which was shed on the cross for you and me.  At Christmas time, we don’t usually think of Christ’s death, we think of His birth, but as the lyrics of this song by Relient K say about the day that Christ was born…

“…I celebrate the day
That You were born to die
So I could one day pray for You to save my life.”

I love that red rose.

As we step into the soft fruit section of the garden, we find these Prelude Red Raspberries…

red raspberries

…still going strong and abundantly producing berries in early December!

Not so for the strawberries, which are no longer producing berries…

strawberry leaves in winter

…but are still putting on a show with the wonderful splashes of red in their leaves.

Across the yard another plant is putting on quite a show…

red leaves on bush

I don’t remember the name of this shrub.  It was also given to me by a friend.  She told me I would love the color changes that it would go through during the year, and I do.  Most of the time it’s a wonderful, lime green color, but now it’s glowing with some amazing shades of red!

Just a few steps away is this cheery camelia

Christmas Camelia

In fact, it’s called a “Christmas” Camelia.  If it weren’t for my little excursion, this morning, I wouldn’t have  even known it was blooming.  Something tells me I need to stop and smell the [camelias] more often!  (Wait!  Do they even have a scent?)

Underneath the camelia, strewn all over the ground, and creating a beautiful ground cover, are these camelia petals…

camelia petals

  There is just something so simple and lovely about them — I couldn’t resist taking their picture.


Now, it’s off to the backyard vegetable garden where we find this nice, plump, red Italian pepper…

Italian pepper

  It’s amazing to see how this plant continues to produce at this time of the year!

And, there are also these Serrano Peppers…

serrano peppers

and Ancho Peppers, too!

ancho pepper

Next, we come to the jewels of the vegetable garden:  the chards…

rainbow chard

…doesn’t this amazing red rainbow chard have Christmas written all over it?

rainbow chard II

and what about these chioggia beets?…

chioggia beets

…whose ribs and veins are just totally spectacular!

Across the way we find this, little cutie, growing close to the ground…

red lettuce type leaves

It comes from a “mesclun salad” seed mix.    I love the way that the leaves form a little rosette in the center of the plant.  It’s a beautiful, little edible to have growing in the garden, this Christmas season.

If you were to look right over my shoulder, you’d see this…

chadwick's cherry in winter

Doesn’t it look like the perfect Christmas ornament to hang on a tree?  It’s one of the last Chadwick’s Cherry tomatoes of the season – yum!

And, there is one other tomato variety that is still in production, out at our homestead –

the Tess’s Land Race Currant

Tess's land race currant in winter

These tiny, grape-sized tomatoes are still just as yummy in the winter as they are during the peak of summer!   What a gift it is to be able to enjoy these sweet, little cuties at Christmastime — wish I could share them all with you!

As we exit the vegetable garden, and make our way back towards the house, we find three more plants to round out our journey:

this lantana, with it’s pretty, little clusters of red and gold flowers…


these oleander buds…

oleander buds

and, finally, this striking, red petunia.

red petunia


I just love watching Christmas grow all around our Happy Homestead.

Thanks for taking this little Christmastime tour of the gardens with me!


 What do you have growing, outside, that reminds you of the Christmas season?


One thought on “Christmas is Growing All Around Our Happy Homestead

  1. I enjoyed the tour of your garden and especially liked the “Christmas Camellia”. Camellias are such lovely flowers and their petals do make a nice carpet around the plant-they are blooming everywhere here right now. ~ Marsha

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