Tomato Crib

I ran out of tomato cages.  Well, I didn’t actually run out.  I confess.  I just didn’t feel like making another one out of grape stakes.  So,  I just left one of my tomatoes in the ground, thinking, “I’ve got plenty of time, before this one gets too big.”  “I’ll just come back and cage it later.”

Well, later turned into a lot later.  The next thing I knew, that tomato was sprawling all over the ground and outside of it’s bed boundaries, like a wild vine!

Well, today I finally did something about it.

Using an old crib that I won, for less than a dollar, at a local auction, my husband and I re-purposed it into nice, little trellis.

First, we took the whole thing apart.  Then, we positioned the two, longer sides,  vertically, on each side of the plant, and tilted them in at an angle towards each other.  After that, we re-attached one of the crib’s sides at the top,  and we were pretty much done.

We decided to place some heavy duty metal stakes inside the trellis, just in case it tried to tip itself over.

The toughest part of the project was all of the untangling and tying we had to do.

But the time spent was well worth it.  I absolutely love the look!  (I think the tomatoes are much happier in their new crib, too!)


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