How to Make a Quick, Semi-Homemade, Late Spring Veggie Pizza

Since “going vegan”, I don’t miss eating fast food, but I do miss eating food that I can get into my tummy fast!

Now that the weather’s warmed up, and the garden (like a newborn baby) requires so much of my attention,  the kitchen is the last place I want to spend my time.  (In fact, if it weren’t for having to feed the rest of my family, I’d be perfectly content hooking up an intravenous feeding tube to my stomach so that I didn’t have to stop in the middle of another gardening project until the first frost of next year!)

To speed up lunch, a little, today, I employed a” you-bake” cheese pizza that I purchased  last night, and transformed it into a much healthier version using fresh, organic veggies from our garden.

First, I removed about 80% of the cheese that it was topped with (yes, real dairy cheese on pizza is one of my weaknesses, but I’ve learned to dial it way back!).  Then, I loaded it with broccoli, golden zucchini, and the first tomato of the season.  I also added some fresh, store-bought, chopped mushrooms.

Does this look fabulous?

With the time I saved, using a pre-made  pizza base, I was able to finish prepping a garden bed, construct a trellis system,  and sow a plot of  Rattlesnake pole beans.  Not a bad compromise, I think!

So, if you’re looking to make a quick meal that utilizes lots of fresh veggies why not give this method a try?

And, when you’ve got more time, make it even more healthy by making your own pizza saucetofu or almond ricotta cheese spread, and homemade whole-wheat crust (There are a ton of recipes on the web —  I tweak one that I found in the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook) for the base?

What is your favorite, fast, healthy, home-cooked meal?


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