How I Made a Simple, Charming Front Door Picture Frame Wreath

I have a simple, country home.  It’s very informal and laid back.   It’s also a work in progress (and will be for the next ten years, or so, I predict).  I’m always looking for simple, inexpensive, and creative ways to bring more beauty and charm to it.

This past weekend, I spent a little time updating a wire frame wreath that is hanging on our front door.  Using just a few artificial floral stems that I found (dirt cheap) at a local second hand store,  I was able to effortlessly create a delightful, seasonal wreath that will grace our front door for the remainder of  spring and summer seasons (at least I think it’ll last that long).

It was an easy way to bring instant charm and beauty to our home!

Here’s how I did it:

I started with a re-purposed picture frame that I put together a while back…

And some artificial flowers and greenery that I found at a local second hand store…

First,  I fastened a wooden “W” to the frame with a piece of sheer, white ribbon.  (I found the unfinished wood cut-out letter at a local craft store, and painted it a pretty, pale blue).

Next, I separated the wire stems from all of the flowers and greenery, leaving only a little bit of plastic on the end.

Then, I spent some time situating the largest flowers on the frame, in different positions, until they settled into a composition that I liked.

After that, I secured each of the flowers to the wire, using the leftover stem wires that I had previously removed. Using wire cutters, I cut off a small piece (about an inch long) from the wire stem.  Then, I poked the wire through the back, center side of the flower, until it came through to the front.  From there, I made a little loop in the wire, and pulled it back down through the center so that it was hidden from site, but would not pull back out of the flower.  Then, I simply bent the wire around the chicken wire to fasten it to the frame.

… I repeated the steps with the next largest flowers…

And, again, with the greenery…

…And it was done!

Here is the finished product, hanging on our front door…

I love the simplicity, charm, and beauty it brings to our homestead.

Why not make one for your own front door?


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