Love in a Mist

I love these flowers!  They are so pretty with their feathery foliage, beautiful blooms, and wispy structure.  These flowers date back to the 1570’s and give a wonderful, old fashioned charm to any garden.  They look great in flower bouquets, and produce interesting seed heads at the end of the season. They will often self-sow, but collecting seed is also very easy — just wait until the end of the season when the “balloon” seed heads have dried out and cracked a little, revealing the black seeds inside.   Simply shake the seeds heads over the ground, in late summer, where you want them to grow (you don’t have to do any digging, nor do they need to be covered with soil)  and by early spring you’ll be rewarded with many more of these sweet beauties!


2 thoughts on “Love in a Mist

    • That is the name that I know them by. The Latin name is Nigella Damascena, and many people just call them Nigella. They are also known as Persian Jewels.

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