Hot Apple Pie Oatmeal

Hot Apple Pie for breakfast?  Yes, please!  (especially if it might actually be good for you!!!)

Last Friday, I set out to make one of our favorite morning breakfast treats, Hot Apple Pie Pancakes, created by my all-time favorite vegan dessert chef, Chocolate-Covered Katie.  The apples were all chopped up, the griddle was warmed, and I was gathering all of the rest of the ingredients when I encountered a HUGE problem… I couldn’t access the online recipe!

Now, I don’t really consider myself to be a “cook” — you know, someone who can take whatever’s on hand in the pantry and fridge, throw it all together, and create a culinary masterpiece?

If I don’t have a recipe to follow, I’m almost at a total loss in the kitchen, and without that pancake recipe, I was toast.

But, I’ve been learning that when it comes to living a little more self-sufficiently, I can’t give in to trials and set-backs so easily.  So, I determined that I would venture out, a little beyond my comfort zone, and try to come up with a new recipe of my own.

“Maybe I can’t make Hot Apple Pie Pancakes, but how about some hot apple pie… oatmeal?”


” It’s quick, easy, and will be a nice change from the plain variety that we’re so used to having”, I thought.

So, off I went to create a Hot Apple Pie Pancake-inspired version of a yummy (and healthy) bowl of oatmeal…something that the whole family, I hoped, would enjoy.

To my delight, everyone gobbled up a bowl of the wonderful-smelling, tummy-pleasing cereal.  My oldest son even added some diced banana into his bowl for an added flavor kick and health benefit.

While I’m not quite ready to label myself a “cook”, with inspiration from chefs, like Katie, I’m growing a little closer to the title, and learning how to create tasty, healthy meals for our family a little bit more every day!

Here’s the simple recipe I came up with, if you want to give it a try:


4 cups whole rolled oats

4 cups vanilla-flavored almond milk (any milk substitute will do)

4 cups water

2 apples (any variety), finely chopped (I used a food processor to chop mine)

1 tablespoon cinnamon

2/3 cup raw cane sugar


In a medium-sized, non-stick stockpot, bring the milk, water, and apples to a boil.

Add the oats and cook over medium-high heat, on a slow boil, stirring ocassionally , for five minutes.

Turn off heat, add cinnamon and sugar, and let sit a few more minutes to cool and thicken.

Serve, and enjoy!

Who inspires your cooking?  What published recipes have you adapted and made into your own family-favorite versions?


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