Overnight Crock Pot Brown Rice Breakfast Cereal

I attempted, the other day, to make some homemade rice milk.   I wasn’t too happy with the final results but, I discovered, about half-way through the process, another use for brown rice:  it works as a great substitute for oatmeal and, as a double bonus, it can be cooked overnight in the crock pot, making for a quick and healthy breakfast in the morning.

Here’s what you need to make your own batch:

6 qt. crock pot, or larger

2 cups of organic, long grain brown rice

16 cups of water

(this makes a lot of hot cereal!  We like to refrigerate the leftovers – the kids gravitate to it for an evening snack.  You could easily cut this recipe in half if you don’t want to make as much, or don’t have as large a crock pot).


1.  Wash rice thoroughly

2.  Place rice in the bottom of crock pot, cover with water.

3.  Set crock pot on low and let it cook, overnight,  for 8-9 hours.

4.  Strain excess water to your desired consistency.  (You’ll find that there is a lot of excess water, even after eight hours of cooking.  I strained nearly all of the water out of ours, working in batches using a ladle and wire mesh strainer.  The next time I make it, I’m going to experiment with cutting down on the amount of water that I add in at the beginning.)

5.  Sweeten and season with your favorite sweetener and spices. (organic maple syrup and cinnamon are the favorites at our house!)

What could be simpler than that?

I love the health benefits that we’re getting from this cereal, which is high in fiber, protein, calcium, and magnesium.  (Brown rice is also gluten-free, making it a great alternative to oatmeal for those who are sensitive to gluten.)

It’s great knowing that I can provide my family with a quick, healthy breakfast that’s simple to make and everyone enjoys.

Happy Breakfast!


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