She’s Ba-ack!

in case you were wondering, here’s the hen that was recently attacked.  Looks like she’s made a full recovery – tail feathers and all.

Not only that, but I think she’s decided that she will never be a victim again.  And, she doesn’t just take a “don’t come near me, or else!” stance.  It’s more like a Chuck Norris, “Make My Day!” attitude as she now charges at anyone who enters the pen,  chases them around, and pecks at their legs and feet.  This even includes  me! How quickly she seems to have forgotten who took care of her day and night, and nursed her back to health.  I have to admit, I’m a little afraid of her now — she packs a mean peck!  I had to hurry up and snap this shot -see how she’s headed straight for me???

I suppose I’ll just have to keep working with her: picking her up, holding her, petting her, and letting her know that I’m not the enemy.  In time, I hope she’ll return to being the sweet, docile little hen that she was before the attack.  Until then, I’ve learned my lesson:  no more open-toed shoes and bare legs inside the pen for me!


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