My Top Two Favorite Summer Squash (So Far)…

I have a few different types of summer squash growing in my garden this year.  While I can’t seem to part from the tried and true, standard garden varieties of green zucchini and yellow crooknecks, this year I decided to try a few new ones  also.  By far, my favorites this year are:

  1. Ronde De Nice – a French heirloom variety that started producing early and is very prolific.  I love this little, round green zucchini-type for its tender, sweet taste.  It is a top performer in my garden.  Definately a keeper!
  2. Bennings Green Tint Scallop – This will be another mainstay in my garden for years to come.  I love the unique shape and light-green color.  It is also an early, prolific producer, and one of the easiest I’ve ever grown! 

I’m having so much fun experimenting with different varieties of fruits and vegetables in my garden this year.  I love all of the different growing habits, shapes, colors, textures, and tastes of the many summer squash varieties that I have planted.  So far, there has not been one that I’ve disliked.  However,  my top two picks, so far this year, are definately these green beauties!


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