Mystery Produce

     I have a terrible habit of not marking my plants when I put them into the ground.  It’s probably because I have so many and don’t plant in single-crop rows (this helps to confuse pests and limit crop damage when you’re growing organically).  While failure to clearly mark my plants can be frustrating at times –although I can easily identify the family, I usually have to wait until fruit is produced before I can be certain about the plant’s variety, the mystery of not knowing what is growing can be quite fun — I am, oftentimes, caught off guard and quite happily surprised by what I find growing in my yard.

     This year, I was quite amazed at what I discovered growing in my front yard:  two Purple Peacock broccoli plants.  I absolutely do not remember planting them.  In fact, I searched through all of my seeds and could not find a single packet of these things!  I wonder if they were accidentally mixed into another packet of a green variety that I’ve got growing?  I have no idea.  But, wherever they came from, I love that they are here!  Not only are they fun and beautiful to look at, but the entire plant is edible — after I harvest and eat the heads, I can make another dish from their kale-like leaves and stems…yum!!! 

     Now that I’ve become formally acquainted with this unique variety, you can bet I’m going to put a packet of these brassica beauties in my online shopping cart when I place an order for fall seeds!


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