Recycled Paper Pots

     With six people in our family, we eat a lot of food and…collect a lot of paper grocery bags!  I’ve decided to put them to good use as pots for my seedlings.  They are a cinch to make, and the best thing about them (besides costing next to nothing) is that they can be planted right into the ground, where they will decompose and enrich the soil around them.

    Here is how I made them…

  1.     1.  Cut the bottom off of a paper grocery bag, then cut the bag from top to bottom, opening up the bag into a large sheet of paper.
  2.      2.  Cut the bag in half, lengthwise, creating two long strips.
  3.      3.  Cut the two longer strips in half, widthwise, leaving you with four rectangular shaped pieces of paper.


    4.  Place a frozen juice can, jar, or glass with an opening at one end at one end of the piece of paper, and roll the paper around the container.  You can fasten the seam with tape, if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.

5.  Push the ends of the paper into the opening of the container.

6.  Turn over and remove the container.  You may need to flatted out the bottom a little.  I just took an unopened soda can and pushed it into the bottom.  You can also adjust the height of the container by cutting off whatever portion from the top you’d like.

     Insert potting or seed starting mix, seedling or seed, water, and place in a sunny window where it can grow until it’s ready to be planted out into the garden.

     I’m thinking about creating some more with my kids, letting them start their own veggie or flower plants from seed, and giving them their own plot to tend.  It’s a great way to introduce them to plant biology, while teaching them the value of creative recycling, and composting and the joy of learning to become a little more self-sufficient. 

Happy recycling!


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