What’s Bloomin’ in My Garden…Markers of Early Spring

February 16, 2011:  As I was headed back inside after a couple of  morning chores, I noticed something new and exciting along my walkway…the first blooms of spring. 

It was the purple pincusion flower that caught my eye amongst the sea of brown dirt and green foliage growing in the central planter, around the oak tree, in my front yard.   How pretty it was, floating above the other buds, giving me a glimpse of what I will soon see blanketing that section of the planter.   

A little further down the walkway, beaming like the sun, shone an orange calendula, poking its head out of an old washtub that it voluntarily planted itself into last year.

On the way back in, I stopped to gaze at the subtle, tiny petals of sweet alyssum beginning to pour themselves over the edge of their antique-looking, blue metal chamber.

Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “The seasons bring the flower again.”   The sight of these new flowers tells me that the seasons are changing and that springtime is definately coming early this year!  I can’t wait for the bareness of winter to be take a back seat to the bright colors of spring; yet there is still so much that I have left to do before the inevitable heat slides its way into the valley, sapping the strength of fledglings that are not well established.  I’m  finding myself a little torn about whether I really want Jack Frost to vanish so soon. 

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, penned in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verse 1:  “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”.  If, in God’s great wisdom, He has decided that spring should come ealy to our land this year, then I fully trust that He has a wonderful, excellent, and supreme purpose for it!  My job, now, is to simply adapt my plans a little so that I’m right in line with God’s timing.  If I can do that, I hope to be rewarded with a glorious garden this year!


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