Successful Bread Comes From Finding the Right Book

A big part of living the self-sufficient life is making and preserving your own food.  Over the past few months I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to make my own bread.  I have tried a variety of different recipes and techniques – none of which have turned out a very satisfactory loaf…until now. 

A few days ago I picked up a book from the library entitled Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  Unlike others, who claim that their recipes and methods are “fool-proof”, these guys really deliver!  The dough was super easy to mix (I didn’t even have to “proof” the yeast!), it was all made (and stayed) in one bowl, there was no kneading, no precision rising time, and the left-over dough that the master recipe made stays in the fridge for up to 14 days to be used whenever I want to make another perfect “boule” bread, baguette, or even cinammon rolls.  The real proof, though, was in the finished product: it had a crackling, crispy crust, and a soft-spongy/chewy inside –probably something I’d have to pay over $5 in a store to equal!  The key to it’s amazing texture?  A pizza stone and steam. 

Making that perfect artisan loaf wasn’t really that difficult afterall…once I found the perfect book.  This is definately one that is going to be purchased for my bookshelf!


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