Weeding My Happy Homestead

I think I remember someone saying, “Weeds will always keep a gardener employed”.  That is so true! 

I was on my third round of weeding in the front yard garden beds today — this time it was a completely new type of weed, shaped like a flattened “x”. 

 I think it’s quite disheartening that each time I run the hoe through the ground, while I am getting rid of the weeds that are there, I’m also stirring up others that have been lying dormant, awaiting their perfect time of emergence.  I wonder what is going to surface next month? 

I read a book, last summer, about weeds.  It was quite interesting.  It said that weeds are like doctors — they diagnose exactly what is lacking in our soil. 

 We need weeds.  They bring to the surface the nutrients (especially those trace minerals) that are all important and can’t be obtained in chemical fertilizers.  If I was patient, I’d let them grow nice and thick.  Then, just before they developed seed heads, I’d pull them all out and throw them into the compost bin, or till them right back into the soil where they were growing to give it that perfect balance it deserves.

But, this is my new home, and optimal soil, unfortunately, has to take a back seat to curb appeal.  So, off I go for another round!


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